Journey through the worlds of the universe
Enfilade of worlds
Are we alone in the universe?
Our Solar system contains eight planets, and many exoplanets have already been discovered outside of it. Scientists suggest that the number of planets in the universe is an incredible number and each of them can be considered as a separate world in the universe.
The film "Enfilade of Worlds", created in conjunction with artificial intelligence, helps to form an idea of what these worlds look like!
Fasten your seat belts. We wish you an amazing journey through the worlds of the universe!
Imagine a necklace where each bead is its own separate world, and all the beads together form the Enfilade, an endless gallery of worlds. Let's explore what can be found within its expanse...
Stellaria. Inside golden walls, technology has become second nature. This is a city of pleasures. Yet, delving into mysterious corners, Stellaria reveals its dark side
Floating islands. Here, electric spiders hunt for the charm stone, a rare substance capable of altering reality. But staying here is dangerous
Forest metropolis of the Ayah tribe. They built a city suspended by vines
In the scorching red desert, the skyscrapers of Acropolises rise. This civilization has declined – the Artificial Intelligence governing the Acropolises system went mad, and the inhabitants became wild
The waters of Oceanida – a hydropolis at the bottom of a sea planet. Colonizers who arrived here many years ago study underwater organisms with the longest lifespan in any known world
The Bird Market - this is the largest transportation hub of the Enfilade, as it was built by a race of anthropomorphic birds. It's the liveliest city in the system, flooded with tourists from different worlds
The Crystal Valley. Its inhabitants have adapted to low temperatures thanks to a special heat-resistant fiber produced from glass flowers
We come back on Earth. Have you ever been here before? Do you recognize this place? Earth has changed. Can you still call it home? Or has it become foreign – just one of the many worlds of the Enfilade, where it's easy to get lost, never finding your true place among all these beads?
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